catalogues raisonnés
catalogue raisonné of paintings, drawings and other works

The present catalogue raisonné is being established by Olivier Weber-Caflisch and the antonio saura foundation archives.

It will be freely and exclusively accessible on the present website soon.

This new entry on the web site, a constant work in progress, wil be regularly expanded and updated.

Cataloguing of the artist’s complete work in painting, drawing and other media is organized thematically according to a model originally laid out by Antonio Saura; it corresponds to the following table of contents:

Prehistory / Initial paintings
Major series:
                              Goya’s dog
                              Portraits raisonnés
Object lessons
Set design
Other works

Each thematic group of works (Goya’s dog, Crucifixions, etc.) includes various subgroups that are presented in such a way as to distinguish works painted on canvas from those done on other supports. All works are presented alphabetically.

It was Antonio Saura himself who came up with the names of all of the groups and subgroups of works, as well as the titles of works themselves; they appear here in English translation for the most part.

The foundation invites all individuals and institutions possessing a work by Antonio Saura to send:

1) a precise and complete description of the work (see below) as well as all information available in relation to its provenance;

2) high resolution images, 100MG minimum, in RGB and 8 Bit mode, of the front and the rear of the work if the latter displays any annotations or other handwritten marks. The lighting must be professional and uniform. The photo of the front must include a colour chart which doesn’t cover the printed image; transfer the folders by WeTransfer (or similar) simultaneously to:  &

3) one 18 x 24 cm colour print of the front as well as the rear of the work when the latter displays any handwritten marks, a title, signature, etc. The photo of the front must include a colour chart which doesn’t cover the printed image.This material must be sent to the foundation by normal post, NON registered, agreeing previously by e-mail on the date of arrival.

The information required for a description that can be used in the catalogue raisonné would include the following:

  1. Title (if there is one, it is generally written on the rear)
  2. Date
  3. Technique
  4. Support
  5. Dimensions of the image (height x width)
  6. Dimensions of the support (height x width)
  7. Signature (wording and location)
  8. Date (wording and location)
  9. Inscription(s) and label(s) on the rear 
  10. Provenance (with acquisition date)
  11. Location (with date)
  12. Owner (with date)
  13. Holder (with date)
  14. Exhibition(s)
  15. Bibliography

Send documentation to:
archives antonio saura
Pallanterie 11
CH – 1252 Meinier Genève